Healthy Monday: Cook to Preserve Nutrients

steamed vegRaw fruits and vegetables usually provide more vitamins than their cooked counterparts, but there are ways to prevent nutrient loss while still savoring prepared foods! Careful cooking with minimized heat and water may only result in a 5-15% nutrient loss (compared to processed foods, which can lose 50-80%.)

This week, try steaming or quick sautéing vegetables and cooking meat over low heat to presserve as many nutrients as possible. You might even discover a new favorite recipe!

Car Free Day in Decatur is Wednesday, September 24


Join Decatur Active Living and the City of Decatur as we celebrate  Car Free Day on Wednesday, September 24 at the Blue Sky Concert on the Square.

 The City of Decatur celebrates on Wednesday to be part of the Blue Sky Concert. Walk, bike or ride transit to the concert and receive a special Car Free Day sticker and/or tattoo! 

Car Free Days aim to be fun, free events encouraging people to get out of their cars and run, walk, cycle or take public transit. The central vision of Car Free Day is urban mobility that is not dependent on the private automobile.

International Car Free Day is celebrated every September 22 (Decatur celebrates on Wednesday) first started in Europe in the 1990s and is a growing global movement celebrated in over two thousand towns and cities in over  thirty countries. CFD is not anti-car, but promotes awareness of alternative forms of transportation and the public health benefits of more active lifestyles within reach to us all.

For more information contact

Third Friday Fun Bike Ride This Friday at 6:30 PM

The weather is perfect for a fun five mile bike ride around the City of Decatur! Join us this Friday, September 19 at 6:30 pm for a social ride around the city followed by a stop at a local watering hole. We meet at the Church Street MARTA Station and are ready to go at 6:30; stop by a little earlier and get to know your fellow riders.

All levels of riders are welcome; this is a no-drop ride and we ride at a social pace. Please wear a helmet and you may want to check your lights for the ride home. Our days are getting shorter.

Questions? Contact Meet-up information is here.

Last Month's Group Enjoying Themselves After the Ride

Last Month’s Group Enjoying Themselves After the Ride

Participate in the Bike Challenge and Win Prizes!

LTR-Facebook-Memes_7The City of Decatur has formed a team for the Atlanta Bike Challenge which runs from September 28 to October 19 and we invite citizens and employees alike to join our team. So far the Decatur team is Tracie, Cheryl, Jeff, and Trish. Recruit your Decatur friends and neighbors, everybody bike!

The 3rd-annual Atlanta Bike Challenge will be going strong ALL OVER the metro area including Decatur. You just have to ride your bike 10 minutes a day, or 10 minutes ever to participate! Log when you bike to yoga, bike to work, bike around the park, bike to the pool…you get the idea, just bike!

Log your rides (a few or all of them) at or through the Love to Ride mobile app to qualify for great prizes.Be sure to sign up for the City of Decatur team its not just employees, its meant to be citizens too!

What’s the goal? It’s all about participation – which workplaces (or in our case communities) can get the most people to ride a bike? Metro Atlanta business will compete against each other to see who can get the most staff to ride a bike during the challenge. It’s not about who can cycle the most miles, but who can encourage the most people to give bicycling a try.

Throughout the Atlanta Bike Challenge, participants will qualify for awesome prizes. However, to be eligible for the grand prize, you must log cycling trips to and from work. And by participating, you’ll get bragging rights when you reach goals and recruit coworkers to join in on the fun. Logging is easy, click # of miles, click date, done!

To find out more and to register, visit And connect through the Facebook event.

Healthy Monday: Exercise Can Provide Energy

healthy monday headerEver feel “too tired to exercise” in the morning or after work? It’s more likely that you’re emotionally tired and unmotivated. Look past this initial reaction and follow through with your fitness plans; your body will appreciate the short-term energy boost and stamina that comes with physical activity!

Challenge yourself to fight fatigue and stick to your exercise routine this week. Note how refreshed and energetic you feel after your workout.

For more information on healthy lifestyles changes and more visit

The Atlanta Bike Challenge Starts September 28…Be on the City of Decatur Team!

Atlanta Bike Challenge 101

Whether you’re an avid biker who has ridden to work for years or a newbie that has yet to experience the joys of cycling, the Atlanta Bike Challenge has something for you.

From September 28 – October 19, the third-annual Atlanta Bike Challenge will be going strong all over the metro area. You just have to ride your bike 10 minutes a day to participate! Log your trip at or through the Love to Ride mobile app to qualify for great prizes.

Be sure to select City of Decatur as your team when you register. 

What’s the goal? It’s all about participation – who can get the most people to ride a bike?  It’s not about who can cycle the most miles, but who can encourage the most people to give bicycling a try.

Throughout the Atlanta Bike Challenge, participants will qualify for awesome prizes. However, to be eligible for the grand prize, you must log cycling trips to and from work. And by participating, you’ll get bragging rights when you reach goals and recruit coworkers to join in on the fun.

Tools for the Two-Wheeled Commuter

The Atlanta Bike Challenge (September 28-October 19) is the perfect opportunity to update your smartphone with the latest tools to improve your ride, track your progress, and help advance Metro Atlanta infrastructure for bicyclists. Whether you’re a new cyclist or an avid rider, there’s something out there for you.

  • Love to Ride: The official app of the Atlanta Bike Challenge! Use this tool to record your ride quickly and easily using either GPS tracking or a manual entry. Remember, each time you log a ride, you are eligible to win prizes like movie tickets, restaurant gift cards, and bike bags.
  • Cycle Atlanta: Record your bicycle trips to give City of Atlanta transportation planners the data they need to make Atlanta a better place to ride. The app uses GPS to record your routes in real time, gathering data about which routes cyclists prefer. You can even report problems along the way, like potholes and obstructed bike lanes, to help planners make improvements to bicycle infrastructure.
  • Google Maps: While improvements are still being made, features allow cyclists to see a quick overview of bike paths, bike lanes, and bike-friendly roads in your area, as well as elevation changes on your suggested routes so you can find the flattest or most efficient route possible. The latest version includes voice commands for questions like “What time will I get there” or “What’s my next turn?”
  • Bike Doctor: From replacing a cable to fixing a flat tire, this app will cover it. Even a complete beginner will be able to master the bike tune-up by following the instructions and photos. There are even additional guides to show you how to prevent the most common maintenance errors.

Now that you’ve got the tools, enter the challenge! Learn more about cycling and sign up for the third-annual Atlanta Bike Challenge at Sign up, recruit teammates at your workplace, win awesome prizes, and compete for the ultimate Atlanta cyclist bragging rights!

To find out more and to register, visit And connect with us through the Facebook event.

Healthy Monday: Stay on Track While Eating Out

healthy monday headerDon’t let your good habits disappear when eating out! There are plenty of healthful options available in restaurants like grilled entrees (instead of fried), simple salads with dressing on the side, and extras like broth-based soups and steamed veggies. Don’t be afraid to order exactly what you need to stay healthy, or take part of your food to go!

Look at your schedule this Monday and see if you’re eating out this week. Take some time to research the restaurant’s menu online, or to look up some healthy options in that culinary tradition.

For more information on the Monday Campaigns, click here. 


Birding at Woodlands Garden Tomorrow!

From Ruby at Woodlands:

“We welcome the return of the Atlanta Audubon Society for another early morning bird walk. We’ll gather near the office building at 8am TOMORROW –  Saturday, September 6. Our Audubon leaders will be Ralph Smith and Liz Hornsby who will help everyone, even beginners like me, identify birds by sight and sound. We will use this walk to try out our new Woodlands Bird List, skillfully and graciously put together by Ralph and his wife Susan McWethy.


Ralph (he’s a busy birder) and Linda Karr have revived our Birding Committee after a period of dormancy. Years ago, Cheryl Kanes and Barbara Giebelhaus visited regularly through four seasons to compile an extensive list of birds seen here in the Garden. We put up a couple of bird feeders and a birdbath, and then we got busy with other things. Recent meetings with Audubon staff and Ralph and Linda have brought birding at Woodlands back to the foreground (although the birds have always been happy here, committee or not).  


We would like to find a few more people to join the Birding Committee. Duties will include placing, cleaning and re-filling feeders and birdbaths, and of course tracking the species seen here. If you are interested, please contact”

The Brown Thrasher

The Brown Thrasher

Healthy Monday (Tuesday): Retreat From the Heat

healthy monday headerExtreme temperatures can cause many serious health problems like heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, sunburn, and heat rashes. During the height of summer, it’s important to check that loved ones and pets have the water and cool shelter they need to stay safe.

This week, take precautions for yourself and your family to avoid heat-related illnesses. Drink more fluids (but avoid alcoholic and sugary drinks); wear lightweight, light color, and loosely fitting clothing; and limit outdoor activity to the morning or evening.

For more information on staying healthy, visit 


Stay Active in Decatur This Weekend!

Walk, Bike, Jog……just stay active in Decatur this weekend~


Join Decatur Bikes for a no-drop ride along the PATH. Meet in the CVS Parking lot across from Decatur Bikes at 7:45 am and be ready to ride at 8 am. This is a very fun group!

City of Decatur Pools are open this weekend through Monday. Enjoy the end of the season with a refreshing swim.

Hang out at one of the great City of Decatur parks or walk your dog over to one of three dog parks in the city. 


Ride your bike to the Decatur Book Festival and leave it at the Bike Valet on N McDonough Street in front of the County Courthouse. Atlanta Bicycle Coalition will have racks and volunteers ready to take good care of your bike while you walk around the festival. No need to drive and figure out where to park that  car. Join in one the Children’s Parades held at the opening of each day. 


Jog or walk on over to the Decatur Library for the Friends of the Library Book Sale on the front lawn from 9 am until 3 pm. I LOVE this sale so will probably see you there! Arrive early as the books fly off the shelves. 

Market harvest

Then head on over to the Decatur Farmer’s Market at the corner of N McDonough and Trinity to stock up on fresh grown produce, honey, and more. Support the local farmers.

Coming in from outside Decatur? Hop on MARTA and arrive at the Decatur Station, directly underneath the festival. How convenient is that? Enjoy a car-free weekend!



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